be gud

by 2kwateva

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released January 8, 2015



all rights reserved


2kwateva Fort Morgan, Colorado

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Track Name: winter man
wake up in the winter im a winter man
go to sleep in the winter im a winter man
Track Name: love on a leash
your walking around with love on a leash and im running out of town with blood on my teeth
im eating
Track Name: are you ready tx
we got to go home
i want to know
is it my turn yet
are you ready tx
get ready tx
hurry up
they got your number and their calling your name up next
Track Name: pool
i heard she came bringing gifts for you
i know the belly of soul
and i feed on negative thoughts and energies
i know the depths i'll go
im clawing at the bottom of a swimming pool
dive in
into a pool
Track Name: nightime
i've got the match to light the fire
im feeling a little bit wild
i dont know what is tired
i dont know how to feel tired
i've got a bad feeling about this
i dont feel good at all
infact i feel quite ill
Track Name: lie to be mean
lately i find im alright but im seeing double
lately i find i wanna cry and whine
i have got to go
i cant stay here anymore
all the things i said to you were lies
i did it on purpose to be mean
everything i said to you was lies
i said them to be mean to you
Track Name: watch yo body
ive got time on my hands to kill
at night when im all alone
and the stores are all closed
i don't wanna be unfriendly
to anyone
ever again
watch yo body you didnt greet me tonight but your a joke you made one to my friend it wasn't funny and i wonder why im alone
ive got some questions i need to ask myself i want to know where to go
kissy kissy